Family History


The Winter side of my family moved to Superior in late 1902 or early 1903 when my Great Grandfather John Adam Winter moved the family from Duluth Minnesota.  In April of 1903 my Grandfather William G. Winter was born in Superior.   He later became one of the owners of Saratoga Cab Company from 1933 to 1970.  It might have been this business spirit that encouraged me to go into business for myself.   My father, John G. Winter, worked as a letter carrier in Superior from April of 1957 to October 31, 1991. (the day of the “mega storm” was his planned retirement day)


My Grandmother Jenny (Luostari) Winter was born on November 24, 1899 in Maple and grew up in what is now the Town of Cloverland.   The family farm was homesteaded in 1894 and still remains in the family with Larry and Pat Luostari. 


My mothers side of the family arrive in Northern Wisconsin between the years of 1902 and 1910.  My grandparents Edwin and Flora (Hill) Colby moved shortly after my mother was born from Oulu in Bayfield County to Maple in Douglas County in 1941.  In 1943 they settled along the Amnicon River in the Town of Lakeside.   I currently reside in the same home my mother and her 4 younger siblings grew up in. 


One interesting fact, my grandmother Flora was born on November 24th in 1921, the same day, however, 22 years after my Grandmother Jenny was born.